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FineMIM Tech Co., Ltd.
a leading supplier of Metal Injection Molding Parts (MIM Parts) in China
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FineMIM adds Titanium Metal Injection Molding

Published:2018-08-25        Views:328        Back to list
FineMIM adds Titanium metal Injection Molding (TiMIM) capabilities to its MIM portfolio of materials that include stainless steels, alloys and ceramics in China.

One of the main benefits of metal Injection Molding technology is the ability to cost-effectively produce complex parts from high-performance materials. metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an emerging technology that has been used for fabricating large volumes of small to medium size metal components out of materials such as stainless steel, copper, nickel and tungsten alloys.

Our aim is to transform the use of titanium metal Injection Molding (Titanium MIM) components to generate new opportunities for industry, by providing the ability to produce high quality and fit-for-purpose components.

The MIM process is a combination of plastics injection molding and powder sintering. Production of high quality, complex components from reactive metals such as titanium has been restricted by high cost and problems such as carbon and oxygen contamination. This project takes on the technological challenges in the use of MIM for production of Ti components, leading to cost-effective manufacturing in a wide range of industries.
Titanium MIM Parts
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